Going from one child to two

Going from one child to two

When deciding to grow your family from one child to two, the conversation around pros and cons can get overwhelming. Although this blog might not make your decision-making any easier, hopefully, it provides some perspective and food for thought. If nothing else, it will help you realise that you’re not alone and everyone with multiple kids goes through this.

Weighing up the pros and cons

Couples across the country are having this very conversation and the chances are we have all shared the same concerns. It could be that life feels stressful enough without having another child to give time and attention to. Perhaps you’re worried that 2 children will just bicker all the time (universal issue!). Maybe you’re worried about money, or lack of – let’s face it kids aren’t cheap! Whatever your concerns, there will be a counterargument to balance things. And trying to decide if you want to have another baby can lead to an internal tug of war. So, how do you ever reach a decision and know if you’re ready?

Are you ready to have another baby?

Here are some of the questions that might just help you get a step closer to making the final decision.

Can We Afford Another Baby?

Checking the family budget seems like an unfair exercise when you’re considering having a child. However, knowing the numbers can help you decide whether you’re financially ready for another baby.

How Will Our Lifestyle Change?

As your firstborn grows, you start to gain more freedom. When a second baby comes along, you’re back to square one. Getting out isn’t as easy as it once was and your ability to travel will probably change. It can be harder to dine at a restaurant or get a babysitter.

How Will Another Child Change Our Family?

There is no doubt your family dynamic will change with another child. If you’re going from one child to two, the undivided focus on your firstborn will now be stretched. Eventually, your time will swing back to a more even balance between your children. But your family dynamic will forever be changed.

Am I Ready to Do It All Over Again?

Depending on how your first birth went, you might be feeling apprehensive about your body going through pregnancy and birth again. Some feel the trauma from birth hard to move on from and this can be a genuine fear. Additionally, you’re older now. It may be more difficult to get pregnant, and if you’re over 35, the risks of pregnancy problems may be higher.

How Will I Feel If I Don’t Have Another Baby?

It’s often easy to get swept up in thinking about an addition to the family but what about thinking about not adding an addition. You may feel like your family is complete with one child or you may feel like someone you haven’t met yet is missing. This one question can reveal a range of emotions, from regret to relief.

Yes, babies are wonderful there is no denying this. But only you and your family can decide if you’re up for the challenges they bring at least one more time.

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